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The Angi Taylor Show

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Meet Veronica Beckefeld

Meet Val Warner

Meet one of Chicago’s most recognizable faces- Val Warner. The host of Windy City Live talks about her start, her struggles, and overcoming domestic abuse. Val is #GirlGoals in every way

Meet Simal Turan

Simal Turan tells us how she turned her love of fashion into her business, as the owner of Ukrainian Village trendy boutique KIZ

Meet Alison Victoria

HGTV superstar and Chicago girl Alison Victoria discusses her path from designer to Windy City Flipper

Meet Nancy Iannotta

Angi’s friend Nancy is a mother of two, a boss business woman, and she’s currently in the fight of her life battling breast cancer. Her positivity and desire to inspire others is why she’s #GirlGoals. Grab a tissue...

Meet Mama Fresh

"Mama Fresh" aka Jennifer LeFlore, is a mom who saw a need for an underserved parenting community in Chicago, and tells us how she formed her wildly popular mom blog.

Meet Brynn Capella

Brynn Capella is a Chicago handbag/clothing designer giving us the inside scoop on the good, bad and crazy world of starting your own label.

Meet Aja Evans

Olympic medalist and Chicagoan Aja Evans talks about the life of an athlete and what it takes to make it onto Team USA

Meet Tove Lo

Singer/Songwriter/Superstar Tove Lo talks about her road to fame and how to go from songwriter to star!

Meet Bianca Camarena

Bianca is a southside Chicago native who made her way up the ranks to become the only female construction manager for People's Gas