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The Angi Taylor Show

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Too Small Holes - ATS - 2.28.24

Kegs & Eggs ANNOUNCEMENT - ATS - 2.27.24

Hello, Roadies!! WE HAVE AN ANNOUNCEMENT ! Kegs & Eggs!!! Come through!!! See you there!

Mick Mars - ATS - 2.26.24

It's Monday, and it's BEAUTIFUL OUTSIDE! Thank you for listening, roadies! Today we talk about anything and everything, its the perfect way to spend your monday morning. We love you, Chicago! It's all for you!

Chainsaw In The Booty - ATS - 2.23.24

Ok.... what was something on your bucket list that you never want to do again?? Some of your anwers are hard to believe.. I know you liked it... Thank you for listening, we appericate everything you do for us (like listening to the pod!!) you're the best

Hmmmm.... Should I Ask That Question? - ATS - 2.22.24

Happy Thursday, Roadies! We made it almost to the end of the week! Ok men.... Have you ever gone "should I ask this question to a woman?", well today we do a "survey" and we find out your thoughts! Thank you for listening, we love you, we can't do this without you! Rock On!

Rage Against Your Insides - ATS - 2.21.24

Happy HUMP DAY! We made it half way through the week and gosh I am happy! Today we talk about booties (as usual), high school, and people changing throughout life. Thank you for listening, you rock our world and we hope we rock yours too.

Stop Putting Stuff There!! - ATS - 2.20.24

How many times do I have to tell you all to STOP PUTTING FOREIGN THINGS INSIDE OF YOU!! It's really not that hard.... Anyway, today we talk about, you guessed it, a man putting items inside himself and then went to jail..... So you better listen to find out. Thank you for listening!

The Demon - ATS - 2.16.24

Happy Chainsaw friday, my little demons!!! Minnesota Barb is back in town and she gives you all new words to use, you better use them! Have a great weekend, and enjoy your chainsaws!

DETHRONED - ATS -2.15.24

Happy Thirsty Thursday, Roadies! What has been going on for week?? Well listen and find out what has been going on for us! Take care out there, drive safe and keep listening!

Happy Valentine's Day - ATS - 2.14.24

It's V DAY! Not that type of V tho.... Thank you for listening, Roadies! We hope you have a great Valentine's with your loved ones or with that special little toy... Maybe a toy that you got from the ANGI TAYLOR ADULT TOY DRIVE. Take care out there!