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No One's Complaining That Marris' Zipper Is Down - ATS - 6.14.24

Do You Suffer from Relationship OCD? - ATS - 6.13.24

Introducing The Angi Taylor Show Labor Camp - ATS - 6.12.24

IT'S HUMP DAY! Yeah, lets hump! 

Happy wednesday, roadies! Thank you for listening. We've got a great show in store for you today! 

Marris Is Afraid of Being Eaten by Ant-Man - ATS - 6.11.24

Happy Tuesday, Roadies!!! Thank you so much for listening! We need you, we love you, thank you! 

Angi Was Out of Control as a Kid - ATS - 6.10.24

It's Been 6 Years... - ATS - 6.7.24

That battery must be as exhausted as Marris' chair. Happy Friday, roadies!!! We had a great week, we hope you did too! Thank you so much for listening! 

Angi Either Wants Marris to Find Love or Get Ringworm - ATS - 6.6.24

Oh no, here we go again. People.... please make sure to wrap it up, we can't have this anymore!!! You have to listen to find out. Thank you for listening, roadies! We love you!

Angi Lost a Another Tire and Her Throat GOAT Status - ATS - 6.5.24

Happy Hump Day, roadies!! Hope your wednesday has been filled with no traffic and good vibes. You're gonna love what we talk about about it. Thank you so much for listening!

Angi Ran From a Crybaby and Into a Door - ATS - 6.4.24

Can you believe... she has done it again everyone!! Thank you for listening, roadies! We love you!

Things Worth Learning Before the AI Revolution - ATS - 6.3.24

IT'S MONDAY! That may be a good thing, it also may not be. But also, It's PRIDE MONTH! Happy Pride, roadies!! Be yourself, be free, be rock n roll baby. Thank you for listening!