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Angi Either Wants Marris to Find Love or Get Ringworm - ATS - 6.6.24

earworm - musical worm getting from gramophone to ear

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This is just a small taste of the show overall, the bits and bobs that I found interesting, funny, insightful and relevant. To hear everything that happened, check out the podcast of today's show. However, if you're looking for a quick read along with random self inserts and my personal thoughts, you've come to the right place.

Call in Point:

(This is the broadstroke canvas on which I base my call, obviously these notes are going to be longer and more detailed.)

Oh beautiful weekend, you are just a day away (but today isn't going to be too shabby either.) So, what do single people do when the weekend comes through once more? We'd ask Marris but he is too busy working so instead we turn to Gen Z who have alerted us to the fact that they are suffering from dating app fatigue (cry more you dorks!) Sick of catfishing and ghosting, these walking bags of cash are now turning to matchmakers to help them find love (since they're the ones that hate going out to bars to drink so there goes meeting people that way.) Angi pressed Marris to find out if he'd ever jump on the matchmaker bandwagon and he was up for it but it was dependent on cost. Cost ignored (disregarded, unable to convince herself to care?,) Angi added that it's a good idea. Marris fought back though saying that in a way, it can be a waste of time to go on a half hour date with someone who doesn't tick the proper boxes. Marris also questioned wasting money on a matchmaker as opposed to meeting people in public. Angi bounced back with a "you have no time for dating, you should have no time for apps." Though we tend to write off Gen Z (warranted,) they are apparently seeking real relationships. Dating apps are basically polluted between the ghosting and the catfishing so places like Three Day Rule Matchmaking are seeing a huge increase of 27 and under using them. Even apps like Hinge are putting down a million dollars for in person dating events. After all, loneliness is essentially an epidemic and was further boosted by covid in which people saw no one, were alone and some ended up losing social skills. Marris veered away to say that his algorithm has finally nailed him as single because it keeps suggesting singles events to go to. Marris then relented that even though cost is his biggest concern, he also does not want someone setting him up. He has specific tastes (Ninja Turtles, video games, anime, a spiteful gecko) and to match up with someone in the vein is hard. More so, similar interests are nice but there needs to be a connective link felt and he feels a matchmaker can not provide that. Angi, patron saint of wangs, wants everyone to just be happy. Marris technically is with all his extra cash and if he felt inclined, he could go to a brunch with friends to vibe and see what comes of it (aka a wolf pack looking for some girls.) Angi is open to the idea of using it if Jay the Straight ever finally gets sick of her or runs off with Misty Meadows. Oddly enough, after this topic Angi discussed how there is a new fungus based STI causing ringworm in both sexes genitals and now you have to wonder what game was being played here discussing finding love and following up by talking about ringworm rotted junk....

Other Stuff from Today's Show

Speaking of junk, wedding season is in full swing and guess what, the bridezillas are emerging from their cocoons. One in particular had enough of a meltdown recently that she was able to trigger a Daily Discussion Topic because of her horrid take. In a visit to Am I the A-Hole, a bride was upset about the gift she received from a guest who was late (but also apologetic.) This guest, who showed by herself, Venmoed $100 as a wedding gift. Angi offered that it was a nice gesture but the bride did not feel the same. She said that $100 was too little of a gift and furthermore, she was annoyed that it was Venmoed. The reason that this was thought to be okay was because Venmo was used at the bridal shower and it seemed like it was reasonable to assume it would be the same at the wedding. Angi offered that the bride is an a-hole (totally) and then showcased other gifts that were considered awful. One person was given a copy of Windows 95 when they got married in 2010.... Another was given a forks/lace/ribbons wall sculpture. There was a 2 foot cobra statue with ruby eyes. A big old box of bar soap made the list as did a red glass ashtray that was shaped like a vagina. A salad shooter, a gumball machine (which Marris would have loved) and a ceramic bust of the Virgin Mary that plugged into the wall rounded out the list. So our question for the roadies became, what is the weirdest or worst gift they had ever received? For Angi, it was at her baby shower when she was given a stuffed animal wearing a "I Love Canada" shirt. It looked like it had either come from an airport or a gas station. Since we didn't hear from Marris and mine was a "Publishing a Book for Dummies" book (awful gag gift,) we moved right to the Request Line. Josh was given a boy and girl hamster as a gift from his aunt at age 11. She also told him they would make tons of babies. His parents ended up taking care of the hamsters who did have babies but Angi had to question who gives living things as a gift? Jerry got an IOU as a wedding gift 38 years ago and it still hasn't been given. Angi said she did not get one gift and it was from the richest person at her wedding and the one person she most wanted to get a gift from. Head Roadie Troy got a deck of cards from a friend who he knew got them at a casino. Funny enough, Jay the Straight got a deck of cards from his deadbeat father because he was a dealer at a casino. Don was given a painted black bowling ball and chain at his wedding. Jeff's brother got wrapping paper as a $5 grab bag gift. Pamela's wedding gift from her sister was a $25 gift card to Applebee's which she worked at mind you and the sister did not even show up at the event even though she paid for the plate. Alan's nephews liked to prank each other so when one got married, another gave him a build your own dildo kit. If you are looking for more roadie thoughts or have your own, hit up our Facebook group (Angi Taylor Show) and drop us a comment.

Next up, from bridezilla to bitch, we had a woman who was sharing her stupid (see: whining) nonsense on Tiktok. This lazy woman has racked up 12 million views explaining why she does not return her shopping carts. Apparently getting the groceries into the car and then getting the kids in the car negates the 30 seconds it takes to put a cart back. The assumption is that the Tiktok was made because someone probably gave her a dirty look after she did it that time. Angi was driven mad by the concept (same) because it can be done fast and this seems like laziness. Marris agreed with her and Angi offered a solution. Lock the kids in the car (don't blame them for your laziness,) and then walk it back while eyeing the car. Marris chimed in that entitlement allows her to bring out the fear mongering boogeyman to get away with not doing what is right. Some people offered that single moms are the target but listen, no thief wants to steal a bunch of kids. Angi mentioned how irritating it is when she goes to the grocery store...err Liquor Barn and she then needs to move a cart to pull into a spot. Marris added that when the weather wilds, it can send those carts crashing and cause damage because they become bumper cars. Luckily, people seem to be on the side of laziness and see it as her being rude and entitled. Marris offered that if she's so afraid, she should just preshop online and then pick all the stuff up and have it put in the car. This way she has more time then to spend with the kids and less time to get on to Tiktok to complain. Basically, we're saying to do your part and be a bit of a good person. Cart jockeys exist for a reason but they are not meant to get your wayward cart because you don't care, do better.

Finally, the Fourth of July is roughly around the corner and for anyone who doesn't hate pets like Marris does, a company is offering to help you if something goes wrong. A "free" service from Fido Alert works like an Amber Alert in that they will send you a nametag with a QR code on it so when scanned, you'll be alerted to where your missing pet is. This is also beneficial so you don't get blackmailed like Lady Gaga since there is no personal info attached to the nametag. Now, this is free but the company makes money off selling data about you and your pet so there is obviously a trade off. Marris Cosby suggested that people just give their pets drugs and Angi offered that does make sense. She has a blind, alzheimered dog who is driven nuts by fireworks and she lives in a Puerto Rican neighborhood so they go from late February until about August. However, Xanax and thunder vests help but more so the Xanax as Angi explained her friend used to steal the dogs Xanax for herself. Marris was confused about the dosage being too small but that just meant you take more of it. Marris then confronted Angi about if she was this imaginary friend but Angi has her own Xanax, there's no reason to steal from a dog that is almost as old (in dog years) as Angi is.

Request Wars 3.5

Theme: 80's vs. 90's Rock

Current Champion: Angi (10x)

Angi's Song Choice: “Shake Me" by Cinderella

Marris' Song Choice: "Higher" by Creed

Winner: Angi

10 O' Clock Toast:

Toastee: Lonzo Ball

Angi was thrilled to see he was stepping up to help Angel Reese by offering to pay for any fines she received over the Clark incident as well as calling the ref "weaksauce." Marris urged that everyone is coming together and Angi stated she is not a fan of anyone who dumps on Chicago that is just a passerby (which is happening due to all this nonsense.)

Show Quotes and Tidbits:

"I love money, what are you crazy?!" - Angi

"I am the patron saint of wangs." - Angi

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