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Mick Mars - ATS - 2.26.24

Motley Crue Plays Madison Square Garden

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This is just a small taste of the show overall, the bits and bobs that I found interesting, funny, insightful and relevant. To hear everything that happened, check out the podcast of today's show. However, if you're looking for a quick read along with random self inserts and my personal thoughts, you've come to the right place.

Call in Point:

(This is the broadstroke canvas on which I base my call, obviously these notes are going to be longer and more detailed.)

Weekend come, weekend gone and time never seems to make sense as it evaporates into spent seconds of drinking, drinking and more drinking (usually I'm talking about myself but Angi got in on the action this weekend by injuring her neck headbanging to KoЯn with Maria Palmer.) The thing is though, we return once more for a week full of shows but the reality is, we're essentially paid in circus peanuts and pizza parties and Angi has finally had it. This change into absolute disgust was charged by D- list rapper/singer Iggy Azalea who it turns out has an OnlyFans and she is making a killing on it. Hearing that she makes $9,300,000 a month, Angi decided that perhaps it is time for her to finally get one as well. Here's the thing though, since Angi plans on following in the footsteps of the fellow D- list temptress, you probably should understand the offerings won't be sex stuff. Well, let me correct that, it won't be tasteful (or tasteless because come on) nudes you would be subbing for. No, Iggy is making $110 million dollars a year sending absolutely x-rated voice notes to men where she is humiliating them. From talking about their small junk to saying why she couldn't fit it in her closed fist (because it's so small,) she is the ultimate dominatrix of voice notes. After learning about this, Angi knew she needed to get on this train as she has spent a lifetime torturing men and making fun of them. Obviously, Angi needs to be kept in line and this is where Marris would come in, playing editor to all her filthy rants. Hell, we might even get Minnesota Barb in on the gig because people love hearing that filthy old granny ramble on about her NOW CD's and fishing based nonsense. Angi figures if she can pull in a sweet $9,300,000 a month, giving Marris a $1,000,000 wouldn't be too much of a blow to her bottom line. I mean, it's not the $12,000,000 Marris makes as is with his 45 jobs at iHeart but it's something to scratch the extra gig itch. As for how she is pulling in such massive cash, these pay pigs are offering up $500-$600 per message as well as paying her subscription fee of $20. Obviously, hearing all this after we get up at 3, 4 and 5 A.M. respectively makes us wonder why we even bother. Marris seemed to be fully on board, offering to say weird things to women, men, geckos, he didn't care as long as the cash stacks were flowing. What's most astounding is that Iggy had maybe 2 hit songs and basically no career after that because she was hated in the music business. In a sense, maybe all of us should take a page from underpaid teachers and jump on the freak train. From voice notes to sitting on cakes, there's definitely a niche market out there that you can abuse for cash.

Other Stuff from Today's Show:

While the opening was wild as hell, the rest of the show sort of followed a music (and media) path while also offering up some lessons. For example, the Daily Discussion Topic today found us looking to impart a teaching moment on the younger generation. This station can even be factored into this as we should be looking for moments to teach kids about music. Growing up, Angi's house was filled with Led Zeppelin, Fleetwood Mac and KIϟϟ. Hell, everything on this station is technically considered classic rock so letting your kids listen is giving them a great musical history lesson. For example nü-metal is really hanging a resurgence with the younger generation as they discover Linkin Park, Limp Bizkit and KoЯn. While she was growing up, Angi's daughter thought Green Day was vintage and Angi spent car rides to school introducing her to Mötley Crüe, Van Halen and Prince. All of this seems like a long winded way of saying we wanted to hear about the bands you introduce your child(ren) to. When Marris eventually has kids, he would break out Hybrid Theory for them to understand the brilliance of Linkin Park. For me, I'm looking forward to when I can start forcing my nieces and nephews to jump on Youtube or Spotify to listen to albums so they can continue to love music and evolve their tastes just as I do all these many years later. Obviously, there are albums like Master of PuppetsAppetite for DestructionBack in Black and 1984 for the kids to dig into but we took to the Request Line to hear about more from the roadies. Annie kicked us off to tell us that Annie Lennox and Meatloaf were passed down to her and I'd have to agree with Annie but we all could do without Meatloaf in our lives. Jeanie said Bon Jovi's Slippery When Wet is an absolute must. Angi then proceeded to explain how she went to see Bon Jovi but because her mom hated them, she lied and said she went to see her friend's mom in the hospital. As expected, she was grounded for that one. Laurie said Pyromania by Def Leppard was her pass down album. Mind you this young sounding woman had her kids born in the 70's so you have to bow down to rock and roll grandma. Bob said Stevie Ray Vaughn's Double Trouble is a must. Don said early Metallica is a great jump starter and that his 1 and a half year old granddaughter loves to rock out to it. Diane threw in Liz Phair and Bad Religion. Ray said Soundgarden Superunknown, which led to a story of how he crashed his car going to see them but with a little police help, was still able to make the show. If you are looking for more roadie thoughts or have your own, hit up our Facebook group (Angi Taylor Show) and drop us a comment.

Still riding the music train, up next we're exploring a pair of concert enthusiasts from Maryland who have set a Guinness World Record. Tijan and Matthew are a married couple that saw 135 concerts in 2023. The duo have been married for 13 years and to make up for time lost to covid, they saw a concert every 2.7 days last year. The idea to go for a record came during their 20th concert and throughout the year, they spent $18,000 on concert tickets. Marris assumed that they were probably rich between the tickets, merch, food and drinks. Surprisingly enough, the average per show (with estimation math) was roughly $68. They weren't aiming for front row at all these shows, it was more about getting in and being there. For them, the experiences and memories were priceless. They also saw everyone from Beyoncé to Lizzo, Billy Joel and Stevie Nicks. Their favorite concerts were Pitbull and Sam Smith because of the energy and atmosphere of it all. As for the tickets themselves, they were most bought day of because they tended to be cheaper. To help recognize the achievement, they also worked with venue managers to showcase they were there and getting to know plenty of them allowed for some networking which led to discounted seats and better seating. Obviously there was a mix of small and large venues but we were more curious about what kind of job gave off that much free time to do this. Of course, we also circled back around to OnlyFans and suggested they make one to offset the cost of continuing to go to shows by taking people along with them and making them part of the journey. The only incredibly valid statement I found in this was Marris saying that after doing this, he would definitely need to take two years off of going to shows.

Finally, we had plenty of fun so it only makes sense to end this on a boring note. When debating the worst chore, Angi and Marris came to a general consensus that laundry is definitely it. Angi has no issue with doing the laundry and folding it but she can not be bothered to put it away. Marris strongly agreed about any laundry effort and we got to the point of suggesting using the smell test to see if it is worth washing or not. Instead of using that though, a better suggestion is to follow advice given for washing clothes in general. Wear Once and Wash: socks, underwear, undershirts, workout clothes, anything with dirt on it. Marris went down memory lane to talk of gym uniforms back in school not being washed daily and they were just gross. Wear a Few and Wash: pants, sweaters, blouses and bras. Obviously the bra rule gets tossed if it's 100 degrees outside and you have gross sagging naturals like some 50 year old. Every 10 Wears: jeans, considering how much spandex or stretch fabric is in them. If you go commando like Angi, just throw the jeans and the chair out after usage. Also in the wash less pile are coats, jackets and dress clothes as too much washing can ruin the fabric. However, since we picked a worst, we also did a favorite and for Marris it's cutting grass and Angi loves vacuuming. Funny enough, Angi has no lawn and barely any carpet in Floptopia so now you know what she spends all day doing (glug, glug.)

Request Wars 3.0

Current Champion: Marris (1x)

Angi's Song Choice: “Sabotage" by Beastie Boys

Marris' Song Choice: "Come Together" by Gary Clark Jr.

Winner: Marris

10 O' Clock Toast:

Toastee: Mick Mars

After releasing a solo album that flopped and burning all the bridges he could find, the former member of Mötley Crüe is realizing that maybe doing that wasn't the best idea and he's now open to the idea of coming back to the band. The toast then veered off to the West coast and well, it was definitely something.

Show Quotes and Tidbits:

"If you're going to go down, take everyone with you." - Marris

"I don't even have to get naked, no one wants to see that anyway." - Angi

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