Over 45 Million People are Estimated to Make an NFL Bet This Season

Some dudes (I use the term in a gender-neutral manner) who bafflingly do this kind of thing for a living, estimate over 45 million people will bet on an NFL game this season.

Fantasy football, for instance, is up 69% over last year. Nice.

I can already see it happening in my own household. Not the 69 joke*. Too much butthole. But the sports-betting.

My husband was like, "honey, this game has 100-1 odds. Let me bet on the losing team just in case there's an upset." and I just gave him THE LOOK.

I mean I still let him do it cuz who am I to argue with that logic (we're both the moron in the relationship, it's why we'll never advance in society but we'll last forever), but I DID give him THE LOOK.

*ok but the 69% is the actual stat, too

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