The Setlist - 1.5.22

Photo of VAN HALEN and Eddie VAN HALEN and Alex VAN HALEN and Michael ANTHONY and David LEE ROTH

Photo: Redferns

Happy Wednesday!

Wolfgang Van Halen was asked where the albums that changed his life. His list included AC/DC, Tool, Blink-182 and The Beatles, but the list obviously wouldn't be complete without adding a Van Halen record. He included two, Balance from 1995 which has the song "Amsterdam" on it, and 1981's Fair Warning!

I love that album! Van Halen was starting to become an arena band and had some success with Women and Children First. I remember being so excited when this one was released! Opening with "Mean Street" and including one of all all-time Van Halen favs "Unchained"! It was great to get that on the Setlist today.

Also great tunes from Def Leppard, The Offspring and Rise Against!

We'll build another one tomorrow!


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