The Setlist - 11.16.21

Sweden Rock Festival 2013 - Day 3

Photo: Redferns

I fully endorse this Tuesday Setlist! Tuesday's are tough, especially since I'm going to the DMV later today. This Setlist definitely helps!

Thanks to Dennis, who hit me up on Facebook suggesting Krokus for the Setlist. I haven't thought about this song "Midnite Maniac" for decades. Not since the 80s when I played it in a cover band. Always loved the riff in this song. Felt good to play it today.

Thanks to Tom From Chicago for the Kenny Wayne Shepherd suggestion. I believe that's the first time I've played him on the Setlist! Love that.

Shout out to Mike in Lansing, first time caller looking for Dio on the Setlist. And hooked up Keith on Western who's struggling with a car today and wanted some Avenged Sevenfold to help him out. My pleasure sir!

We'll build another Setlist tomorrow!


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