Show Your Chicago Knowledge With This Drinking Game!

 riotous drinking party in public bar

Photo: The Image Bank RF

So... you think you know a lot about Chicago, huh? Well, time to put your money where your mouth is.

Gather your brave friends, stock up on some Malort and try your luck in the Chicago Handshake Drinking Card Game!

Test your knowledge of our amazing city and if you're lacking, get ready for shots of Malort! Or if that's too brutal, maybe go with Old Style tallboys.

Draw cards to answer questions in a range of topics from music to sports to pop culture! When you answer wrong or fail a challenge, you get a token. The player with the most tokens is drinking!!

The game's designed for 2-12 players and can be pre-ordered here or visit one of Transit Tees stores in Wicker Park and Andersonville.

There's a launch party at CH Distillery in Pilson on November 8th. You can make reservations here.


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