Riot Fest Offering Drive-In Concerts For Halloween!

So... it's Halloween, there's a full moon.. the second of the month making it a blue moon. There hasn't been a Halloween Hunter's Blue Moon since 1944!! And we can't celebrate with parties. :(

Riot Fest to the rescue! This weekend, dress up and drive your car to Bridgeview for a couple of Halloween treats! Not quite the same as our typical Halloween parties but in 2020, I'll take it!

General admission is $149.98 for a car with 4 people. It sounds expensive but when you break it down, it's only $37.50 per person. Not bad for a live show and a movie.

You can get more info HERE.

Can't wait for Riot Fest 2021!

And don't forget Rock 95-5's Punkin Spice Show on Saturday!