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On This Show, We Hate Everything - ATS - 7.10.24

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This is just a small taste of the show overall, the bits and bobs that I found interesting, funny, insightful and relevant. To hear everything that happened, check out the podcast of today's show. However, if you're looking for a quick read along with random self inserts and my personal thoughts, you've come to the right place.

Call in Point:

(This is the broadstroke canvas on which I base my call, obviously these notes are going to be longer and more detailed.)

Well, it's raining, it's pouring and the traffic is abhorring (hey, shut up, it rhymes and works.) The other thing that dealt with abhorrence this morning was the Daily Discussion Topic which felt like a spin off of a topic before it that involved bands no one hates. In this version though, we looked at the roadies favorite bands but they had to give us a known song (foreshadowing) of theirs that they hate. For example, Angi kicked us off discussing the Foo Fighters and then attempted to hum and sing "Big Me" very poorly. While this example was born of the song being played during the show, Angi actually had two proper examples. The first was from her beloved Mötley Crüe in "Home Sweet Home." She gets others to enjoy it but it is definitely on her skip list if she has to hear it (and that definitely explains why she goes to the iHeart kitchen for a Jack Daniels break if we play it.) The other was from her beloved Prince (RIP) and that is "Kiss" which shocked Marris (I kind of agree, total banger of a song.) As for Marris, Linkin Park is his favorite band of all time but that one summer, at band camp, someone stuck "New Divide" on rotation and it made him enraged. In fact, he was so mad that he threatened to punch the sun if he ever had to hear it. As for myself, I'm just going to grab The Cure and say "Lovesong" though I don't go so much of a visceral reaction to it but it is just so overplayed that I can't help but skip it. With our bases covered, let's see what the roadies said on the Request Line. Cathy kicked us off with Journey and "Wheel in the Sky," which is hilarious and ironic seeing as Angi won Request Wars with it yesterday and mind you, Angi hates it as well. Head Roadie Bob picked "Last Caress" by Metallica. Next was Sebastian with "Until It Sleeps" by Metallica and Angi agreed that she hates it too and it's a "get a beer" song. Sophia picked "Impossible Years" by Panic at the Disco. Henry loves Red Hot Chili Peppers and hates "Breaking the Girl." This disdain was inspired by an ex, of course. There are entire bands Angi hates due to ex's like U2. Rob called in from Mars apparently and picked Mötley Crüe's "Rattlesnake Shake." Melanie does not adore the song "Daffodil Lament" by The Cranberries and big shocker, Angi hates The Cranberries in general. If you are looking for more roadie thoughts or have your own, hit up our Facebook group (Angi Taylor Show) and drop us a comment.

Other Stuff from Today's Show

On a flip side topic to the above one, a subreddit came up with a list of metal bands that no one hates. For example, everyone loves Tom Hanks, Betty White and Dolly Parton, those are givens. BTW, if you hate Dolly, don't tell Angi cause she will fight you. However, r/metalforthemasses opened their topic with Alice in Chains because they have never heard anyone say a bad thing about them (this checks out.) Angi and Marris agreed with their assessment as well. Also on the list were Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin and of course ... Nickelback (cough.) Motörhead also made the list but the band itself was not the main target for Cupid's arrow but the late Lemmy. Another person in that same boat is Ozzy whereas everyone may not love the music, they definitely love the man himself. Throw on Judas Priest, Dio and Iron Maiden and the list is pretty solid so far (foreshadowing.) Well, what about Soundgarden ... it seems we found are first off the proper path artist. Angi respects them but she hates the songs because they are all so "Debbie Downer." Marris loves Linkin Park but they definitely have haters, mainly due to the rap rock portion of their music. AC/DC made the list which also made Marris waiver a bit but Angi explained that they're iconic because every song is essentially the same by design. As you will recall, she interviewed them on this show and they explained that the formula works, why alter it? We closed this by doing a quick point of explain how one can love the band but not the music, the music but not the artist/band because sometimes you can put out bangers and then you beat your girlfriend in the car on the way to the Grammy's or lock girls up in cages while you pee on them.

Next up, are you tired, we definitely are tired. If you think and feel like you need a nap, get in line because we have some sleep facts for you. A newly released study noted that Americans spend 1,500 hours a year tired. Included in this is 4 hours a day that we are tired and this leads to consequences. The biggest is the avoidance of social interactions which Angi understands far too well. Like, if she was to make plans today for Saturday, the moment Saturday arrives she does like when we tell her to go to rehab and she says "no, no, no." Skipped events and canceled plans aside, even naps and sleep can still leave you tired but you have to push through it to get stuff done. That's why the number one thing about being tired is the fear that you have to work through being tired or nothing will happen and then the bills, kids and the too high rent will come looking to collect. A perfect example of this is resident sleeping through life man Marris, who says he is tired aloud at least 3 times per show. However, he also gets up at 4 and for example yesterday, worked til 2 and then had to drive all the way home to Egypt where he lives (early onset Angi honestly probably thinks he does live in Egypt btw.)

Finally, Taco Bell is doing something cool ... for Gen Z (mot......) Since Angi is tired of being bullied about them for her high socks, use of eyeshadow, having no tits (wait, that last one was me bullying her.) Anyway, since Gen Z will never be able to retire, they are getting their own Taco Bell retirement community in San Diego for a weekend. This "grandmacore" experience is for all those young people who think old stuff is cool. It will be $50 and $150 for an upgraded experience and it includes 2 nights, a curated Taco Bell elevated dining experience and things like pickleball, knitting and other crap old people love. Marris loves the idea but he is mad that it's for Gen Z (spoiler: it's for everyone, I went and looked it up as part of my research. Angi clearly had another senior moment.) The only stipulation, of course, is you need to be a Taco Bell Rewards Member to get in on the chance to win a chance to pay to stay.

Request Wars 3.5

Theme: Favorite Band/Least Favorite Song

Current Champion: Angi (1x)

Angi's Song Choice: "Don't Go Away Mad" by Mötley Crüe

Marris' Song Choice: "New Divide" by Linkin Park

Winner: Angi

10 O' Clock Toast:

Toastee: Alex Van Halen

There is a "Best of Both Worlds" with both Sammy Hagar and Michael Anthony coming soon but you will not see Alex Van Halen on the tour. When asked why he won't be joining, Alex had an incredible response "I sold all my equipment." Now that we know this, Angi is going to sell her headphones and the show will officially end soon (probably, maybe, fingers crossed.)

Show Quotes and Tidbits:

"I don't like blue drinks, I don't like blue furries." - Angi

"Foghorn Leghorn, I do his girlfriend." - Angi

The Angi Taylor Show House Band: Crotch Assault

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