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Angi Taylor Show Recap With Jay The Gay - 10-5-2022

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This is just a small taste of the show overall, the bits and bobs that I found interesting, funny, insightful and relevant. To hear everything that happened, check out the podcast of today's show. However, if you're looking for a quick read along with random self inserts and my personal thoughts, you've come to the right place.

Call in Point:

(This is the broadstroke canvas on which I base my call, obviously these notes are going to be longer and more detailed)

Now, this technically is a throwback to yesterday that triggered this talking point but let's address something else right off the bat. The topic in question was about things you are unhealthily obsessed with and if The Angi Taylor Show is not at the top of your list, you can't sit with us. Right, now that I've tackled that point, let's go back to yesterday. So Angi was talking about how Hefty released a limited edition pumpkin spice scented trash bag which sold out almost instantly. Becky now has to go onto Ebay to attempt to get this novel concept to the tune of $100 a box (give or take.) This obsession with pumpkin is part of the long line of things people turn up for when spooky season commences. Hell, I'm actively watching 31 horror movies for the next 31 days (5 days done so far.) Anyway, the point here is that pumpkin spice is an absolute obsession and people can't get enough. Latte's, doughnuts, trash bags, condoms, throw some pumpkin on it and people will lose their minds. That is what got the wheel in Angi's head turning and made her desire to hear all about the roadies unhealthy obsessions. It could be anything from food, porn to even TikTok, we need to know what the roadies can't get enough of. For Abe, it's fast food, which makes sense as he runs the Slob Show podcast (and Slob Show Facebook group, which you should join for the food porn alone.) The thing is though, being a known slob, while achieving his dream of branding, is also hurting him. For example, he loves it when guys text or message him about food. However, when girls start to do it, it hurts in ways I can't begin to comprehend (because this is stupid.) His rationale is that when women think of slob eating, they think of him (and not the Abeaconda.) Funny enough, Angi was in that thought as she was eating Café L'Appetito the other day and immediately thought of Abe. Speaking of Angi, her unhealthy obsessions are numerous and include alcohol, random dongs, shopping, dragging her husband Jay the Straight, Rock 95.5, lying on the couch and of course, yelling at men. As for me, I drink so much Captain Morgan White Rum, I should be getting paid for endorsements. Enough about us though, let's pop over to the Request Line and see what the roadies have to say. Erin said that she loves to consume the Dulce de Leche condensed milk and not in recipes but like in her coffee, dipping apple slices in it and in her Kahlúa. Head Roadie Tyler loves fast food and desserts, including Portillo chocolate cake. Christine has to have her Dunkin' iced coffee several times a day. In fact, if she's not working that day, she'll order out for one on DoorDash even though it's like $12. Funny enough, Jay the Straight does the same thing. Brian can't stop collecting Funko Pops. Angi has several of them and Abe has some as well, excluding The Miz one that Angi gave him that he gave to Bass' kid DJ. Steve called in from a parade (or work, something like that) to discuss how he drinks 6 Monster Energy drinks at work daily. RIP Steve in about a few months because lord, that's unhealthy. If you are looking for more roadie comments or have your own, hit up our socials (FB group, Twitter, Instagram) and read up or drop us a comment.

Other Stuff from Today's Show

So, if you were listening this morning (and if you weren't, how dare you!) you would know that this is our two year anniversary. That's right, two years ago in the middle of covid, we launched The Angi Taylor Show on Rock 95.5. Through having actual covid, ups, downs and plenty of attempted jumps out of the iHeart windows, we survived and we're still here. Through it all, it has always been them (and me and now Panterica) striving to bring you the best show we can every single morning. Whereas most morning shows are zoos with 11 people who chime in sporadically, the main players here are just Angi & Abe. Lucky for them and especially for us, these two love each other and act just the same that they do on air when they're off air. In other words, what you hear is genuine reality each and every morning, no filler and all thrillers. For that reason, we wanted to hear from our roadies this morning. One of our first listeners/callers is our beloved (and my bestie) Angry Bob. He called in on the first day and told Angi to shut up and play music. Nowadays he calls in to tell them to play less music and talk more. Angi always said she would win him over that she would grow on him which is exactly what occurred. With that in mind, we wanted to hear from all our roadies and where they came from. Do you love them? Do they drive you nuts? Did you follow Angi over from some other station? (cough) Of course, the first caller was Angry Bob, who was shocked that they were still here two years later. He also had to throw in how much he hates both myself and Conrad Cooper. (Love you too Bob!) Tom has been listening since Day 1 and called in to say he stopped using his phone for music since the station came around. Head Roadie Glenn, who has followed Abe for years, called to talk about their mutual friend Rochelle. Ray was also a Day 1 listener and looks forward to two years and plenty more from them.

Right then, since we talked about our unhealthy obsessions, perhaps we should look at one that most radio people go nuts about (while then transitioning into another unhealthy obsession.) First up, the Radio Hall of Fame, which is a garbage fake award. Strangely enough (not really,) Angi & Abe were discussing different variations of the HoF this morning. Abe was dragging the "actual" one for not including Howard Stern. As for Angi, she was dragging the Illinois Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Even though she was hating though, she loves awards and wants any and all of them. If the award was given for just showing up, she doesn't care, she would take that as well. How this helped transition into the secondary point about deep dish pizza, who knows. That's right, the real point of all this was to make a mention of the fact that Lou Malnati's and Portillo's have teamed up for an Italian Beef Deep Dish Pizza!!! That's right, this monstrosity of artery clogging delight brings these two famous favorites together and dear God, it sounds great. However, the thing is not sold in stores but on the Taste of Chicago website. In fact, if you want to hear more about this mess, check out Abe's latest episode of The Slob Show podcast. Here's the thing though, Abe refuses to pay all that money to order a frozen pizza. It's just not the same to get it frozen as opposed to in the restaurant served off a big stick. Now, if they start offering it in house, expect him to choke to death on it one day. Here's your indication that you guys need to make this happen and I know for a fact that Lou Malnati's and Portillo's read this so we'll be waiting.

Finally, Halloween is right around the corner (at least in our minds) and so a discussion of dress up ensued this morning. Angi asked Abe what he has won before and it included Elvis, The Warriors and a Cobra Kai outfit he has yet to break out. However, this year he may go as Roman Reigns (and his girlfriend Cathy will be Goldust) to the not officially announced but now you know it's coming Don't Kill Angi Funeral '22 event. Anyway, with that in mind, here's a list of the most popular costumes of 2022 according to


10. Elvis

9. Ride a Beer Buddy

8. Harley Quinn (enough already)

7. The Force Awakens: Rey

6. Captain Marvel

5. Dorothy from Wizard of Oz

4. The Dark Knight: Batman

3. Buddy the Elf

2. Wonder Woman 1984

1. Inflatable T-Rex


5. Inflatable T-Rex

4. Jailbird

3. Harley Quinn

2. Darth Vader

1. Dorothy, Justice League and Paw Patrol


5. Walking Teddy Bear

4. Tigger

3. Beetlejuice

2. Hocus Pocus

1. Minions

Request Wars 2.0

Champion: Abe (Streak: 1)

Angi's (repping Lalo) Song Choice: "Personal Jesus" by Depeche Mode

Abe's (repping Gabby) Song Choice: "Rockin' in the Free World" by Neil Young

Smack Talk Recap:

Lalo is a boxer and funny enough, we have Depeche Mode tickets to give away. Abe has seen Pearl Jam cover "Rockin' in the Free World" and has also seen Neil Young play with them. Angi was not at the Lolla where Eddie Vedder was riding on Dennis Rodman's shoulders while playing the song but Abe was. Angi & Abe will be going to the Depeche Mode show and Abe will be at Iron Maiden tonight. Angi really wants to bang Abe's brother Mike.

Winner: Angi

10 O'Clock Toast

The Roadies.

It's our two year anniversary but we are here today celebrating you because without you, we would be nothing. Thank you so much for joining us whether you are a Day 1 or brand new, we appreciate you all so much.

Show Quotes and Tidbits:

"I don't have a big stick" - Abe

"If all you do is complain, you shouldn't go to restaurants." - Abe


PSAbe: You (Yankees) have billions of dollars, give me the market rate for the ball.

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