Angi Taylor Show Recap with Jay the Gay - 10-13-2021

This is a small taste of the show overall, the bits and bobs that I found interesting and funny, insightful and relevant. To hear everything that happened, check out the podcast version of the show. If you want a quick read along with random self inserts and my personal thoughts, you've come to the right place.

Call in Point:

(This is the broadstroke canvas on which I base my call, obviously these notes are going to be longer and more detailed.)

So let's be frank out of the gate, these are going to be White Sox heavy notes today because the game was a huge part of yesterday (and leading up to it in general as well has been a major talking point.) In the bevy of literal content deluge that came from yesterday, Abe took to social media and posted an outrageous photo. Sitting down at the game that was going down in flames, the guy in front of Abe was a bit more interested in talking to a female friend. That's right, this guy was displaying an absolutely scandalous text about sucking on tits and other ridiculous things with this woman he was clearly enamoured with. Is this clearly a breach of privacy and is Abe wrong for putting this stranger's business on blast, sure. However, it does make for a hell of a funny story and is worth exploring for the comedy aspect of it. If you actually want to see these pictures btw, feel free to hit up Abe's social media channels or our Angi Taylor Show Facebook page. With that on the table, Abe discussed what he does in a scenario where he accidentally sends a text to the wrong person. As we all know, Angi and Abe spend literal hours smack talking everyone each day. Assuming that there is a brain fog and you accidentally send a text to Johnny Boy where you're talking about hin, Abe has a solution. You need to create confusion and cause distractions, sew a chaotic nature within the text thread and gaslight them to the point that they don't know what has happened. So, have you ever accidentally sent something that was meant for someone else to the wrong person. Nattie called to say that she accidentally texted the guy she was dating and that she was ready to dump him. The note going to him was clearly a mistake but the person it was meant for was the real scandal, her side piece. The text by the way discussed how the current boyfriend wasn't at home (oops.) Another listener whose name I missed because I had a one year old run up to me called to say that she was smack talking her fiance to a neighbor. This was a woman friend who thought it was all fun and games but with the text sent, the listener was stuck. These didn't compare to poor Amber, who was talking to a guy who had the same name as her uncle and she sent him a text saying she wanted to give him a mouth hug. Luckily, her uncle overlooked it all and said that the text was just sent to the wrong person.

All the Rest:

So whatever, the Sox lost and got eliminated but that didn't mean that Angi and Abe did not get to party hard. From jaunts in the parking lot meeting roadies, sampling cheese and playing "Cash or Kidnap," it seems that each of them was destined to come home with a story for the show today. Before we get to each of them though let's discuss a few of the sights that were taken at yesterday's game. Beginning with the guy on the train that Angi & Abe should have probably known from Gamblers Anonymous. This dude was screaming on the train about the Astros because apparently he lost $500 on the game. Those cheating ass Astros really screwed him and he was furious, telling any "Astros" on the train that they needed to get off and out. Instead of cowering in fear at this clearly mentally unhinged man melting down, Angi & Abe simply looked at each other knowing exactly where he was coming from. Prior to the train ride from hell though, Angi and Abe encountered a handful of roadies outside tailgating but it was the people who normally sell shirts that got a ton of attention. Shirts are great and all but they decided to up their game and start selling beers, White Claws and tons of those mini airplane booze bottles. Beer cost $7 a pop on the way in but was down to 3 for $10 on the way out. These guys were literally everywhere and Angi and Abe probably should have stockpiled the booze but both of them had bigger issues to deal with from the game. Starting with Abe and his curiosity, it seemed that the desire for brisket mac & cheese was a bad choice. After devouring that mess, he found himself in dire need to make a mess of his own. Running through the stands like a crazy person, it was an emergency situation like every time Abe ever eats. In fact, he even ran past Angi and completely ignored the level 100 bathrooms that have no stall doors and toilet seats and decided he needed luxury. Ascending all the way to 300, Abe knew this is where the good bathrooms are hidden. As he attempted to gain access, he actually almost found himself being tossed as they assumed Abe was trying to sneak into a suite. Instead, he bypassed the security people and got to the bathroom on time. This was a legit level 4 emergency situation and he was lucky to have made it. Still, he is in the firm belief that as a customer (or in this case consumer,) that he deserves access to a bathroom. Angi wasn't sure if this was some type of legally binding rule but suggested when a place tells you that the bathroom is out of order, to simply just take a dump on the floor. After all, what are they going to do if you do it? It was their fault that the bathroom access was restricted and your IBS does not care about the worker who sucks feelings. She did say though that there was nothing funnier though then Abe running in pure terror during the 7th inning stretch for the bathroom. A quick side note to the roadie Abe ran into during his bathroom panic up on the ramp. He enjoyed meeting and talking to you but he couldn't make it through too much small talk because you would have been covered in gross if he had lingered any longer.

Whereas Abe's emergency was fixated on keeping his pants clean, Angi also had an incident but hers was a bit more unsettling. After getting up to go to the bathroom, she found herself on the unwilling end of being molested by a 70 year old man yesterday. First things first, if you were seated in Section 130, Row 30, Seat 1, you are a scumbag pig piece of dog (you get the point, I make it a point to not swear in these notes otherwise I would have plenty more choice words for this piece of trash.) Backtracking slightly, Angi was situated with Abe in the middle row and she felt bad that she was annoying people when she would get up to leave the stands. Now for those who frequent the games, you know that there is literally no room as it is and you're cramped in like you're flying Spirit. With the idea of this sardine can nightmare set in place, it should be noted that everyone stood for Angi as she made her way through outside of the last seat who was said to be a perverted old creep who just sat there and stared at her. Since she knew he was old, she just assumed that he couldn't stand because of bad knees, age, etc. So he's still sitting and staring when she had to maneuver past him, the whole swing a leg over and try to get out move. While doing this, the creep proceeded to take his hand and scoop Angi from behind, grabbing her ass and crack basically. Shocked but also disgusted, she punched him in the arm and yelled "what the f...!!!" while trying to rebalance so that she didn't fall over from the invasion of privacy. Now, as we all know, Angi is a tough girl and this was not her first time at the unwanted groping rodeo. However, this was weird, uncomfortable and a totally disgusting act that led her to go off to the concourse and she started crying. She called Jay the Straight to tell him about the incident and he too was taken aback. She texted Abe and said "you see that," to which he replied, oblivious and filling himself with brisket mac & cheese "yeah, that was awesome." He meant the double play that had occured and not Angi being molested by some old douche. While Abe was unfocused and Jay the Straight wondered why she didn't get security, other women noticed as well and were on Angi's side. It seemed that the only person who didn't make a big deal of it was the guy sitting next to the old man who just stared at Angi. This was not the jobber section of the stadium btw as they were surrounded by friends and family of the team. In fact, the only person that the old man did not stand for was Angi, as he proceeded to get his old ass up when Angi's friend Courtney came through. As much as this seems like the incident was a big deal but not that bad, I want to strongly emphasize that he swiped her like she was a credit card, front to back. He grabbed her like he was holding a 6 pack of beer and that is unacceptable. The idea that she felt like she already looked like an a-hole for punching him and telling him off really says a lot about us as people and how we let women get disrespected.

Finally, since everything else was about incidents at the Sox game, it makes sense that I cap the notes on yet another occurrence. Abe and Angi ran into a guy who was trying to keep the city from regulating bucket boys. For those who are not familiar with what a bucket boy is, they are the drummers who sit out and drum on buckets. I should add that Angi loves them but she doesn't love being scammed. So this hustler was out working the street trying to raise money to keep the city from edging them out. There was a small problem to this story and scenario though because as this moron was out trying to bilk strangers of cash, Angi & Abe could hear bucket boys drumming from somewhere behind him. The point of this is to showcase that there is always going to be someone running a hustle. Hell, yesterday alone, Abe was suckered into giving money to 3 different people. As for Angi, she was hustled this very morning by a guy who came up to her when she was outside saying he was from out of town and he needed to bum a few bucks (or a couple of cigs.) The thing is, it doesn't matter if they're going to use the money to go out and buy cigarettes or booze with what they scam from you, you need to respect and assume they deserve the money if they're going to go out and hustle for cash. For Abe, he loves when dudes pull the gas can scam. Like, who actually has a can of gas on them when they just happen to run out of gas, this is totally sus. Angi was able to further push and confirm Abe's point when she discussed her time working at a Sinclair gas station. People would come in and buy a little red gas can and then just leave without filling it up. They would wander down the street and start their hustle for the day then. Abe once saw a guy doing it and it turned out that Abe knew his sister. He had to pull one of the sitcom stunts where he had to beg Abe not to tell her. Anyway, all of this led Angi to wanting to hear about great hustles (probably because she wanted to go run one after the show today.) Roadie Matt called to discuss one he sees in the Jewel parking lot all the time. It involves a guy walking up to and around a car and pointing out a spot that has rust. He offers to put this white cream on it to remove the rust. It cost $10 and after you pay him and he puts it on, he tells you to wait for it to clear up. There's an assumption that the cream is Cristco and the amount of people who go for it is way too many. Abe then discussed the scam at the Aragon where people will have you park your car in a lot and then after you pay them, they'll take off and your car will get towed. Also on the scam list would be a man asking for your phone number or when you lose Request Wars and you play your song anyway later in the show.

Request Wars 2.0:

Champion: Angi (Streak: 1)

Angi's (repping Tricky Ricky) Song Choice: "Master of Puppets"

Abe's (repping Elaine) Song Choice: "Whiplash"


Abe can't stop yelling at Angi, the roadies, Tricky Ricky, he's mad at everyone this morning. Abe then furthered his furor by proclaiming that if it doesn't win, the station will never play "Whiplash" again. Abe was all sorts of mad and someone should hand him a win because I can't imagine how things will go if he doesn't.

Winner: Abe

10 o'Clock Toast:

William Shatner. He went up in a penis rocket unlike this segment that went off the rails and into a burning fire quite quickly.

Show Quotes and Tidbits:

PSAngi: Don't hold people like a 6 pack unless you have consent.

PSAngi: We don't need you saying it's good to be a Cubs fan today.

PSAbe: If anyone ever "shhhes" you, nothing good will follow it.

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