Record Store Days Weeks Away, But RATM, Pearl Jam, LP Ready Vinyl Releases


Limited vinyl releases from Pearl Jam, Rage Against The Machine, Linkin Park, Deftones and more will help make Record Store Day extra groovy.

Tragically horrible pun yes, but how else to describe two days (June 12 and July 17) that will bring crowds to vinyl stores across the city and burbs with a ton of amazing collectibles getting readied. Time now to track down your small indy vinyl shop and make friends with the entire staff for this years two drops.

I mean a pair of remixed Black Stallion tracks on picture disc from Deftones, a coloured Meteora LP from Linkin Park, a 12" "Alive" vinyl single from Pearl Jam and even one of a kind vinyl from AC/DC, Evanescense, Beaste Boys with bonus tracks, a RATM coloured The Battle of Mexico vinyl...I mean I can't stop myself.

Save some of that stimmy check for this year's two Record Store Days this summer.

And listen for even more spending money spewing from our own rooster, "Rocky"

AND the return of the legendary Vinyl Vault with our own Pat Capone is this Sunday at 7pm on Rock 95-5.


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