Dietician Gives Tips for Healthy Thanksgiving. Food-wise, anyway.

The average Thanksgiving meal allegedly has 3,000 calories so here's an article on how to take all the fun out of it.

But Thanksgiving has never been, and will never be about being healthy.

Thanksgiving is a very special holiday where you sit down at a dinner table with people you hate, but you're familially obligated to be nice to, so you overstuff yourself to the point of wanting to explode in order to cope with your drunk aunt deciding now is the time to bring up her political beliefs that directly oppose the host's, and then you savagely take out all of your anger in a game of family football where someone ends up getting hurt because in their head they're still 22 but in their body they're 63, and then you don't talk to anyone again for a year.

Ya know, the American tradition.

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