Captain Kirk Goes to the Final Frontier or something catchy like that

Jfc the 2020s (I can't bring myself to call the the 20s. That was a was a hundred years ago. Time marches endlessly onward, taking with it our youth, our strength, and our attention span, it would seem. What was I saying?) ah yes, THE 2020S ARE OFF TO A WEIRD START. That whole mess that we went through/are still going through makes it seem normal that William Shatner, Captain Kirk himself, is going to the final frontier in Jeff Bezos' penis rocket.

Blue Origin Launch

Photo: Getty Images

(Actually I think I bought one of those off Amazon, once. It and I arrived two days later. Am I allowed to make that joke? We'll find out!)

You can read, like, an actual article on this if you want.

I'm here to make 1) jokes 2) a fool of myself for both of our entertainment.

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