Man Divorces Sex Doll in Favor of Ash Tray

Remember this guy?

Yeah, that dude's name is Yuri Tolochko and he went viral last year for marrying his sex doll.

Tragically, they've since separated. Yuri has found a new love: an ash tray.

He met this sensual ash tray at a night club and became enamored. But don't worry, he doesn't expect the ash tray to quit its job at the club.

“I want to bring this ashtray home, but it still has to continue to work in the smoking room. After all, this is what I like … I can bring it home sometimes.”

This whole thing is absolutely ridiculous.

Who can a sex doll even trust anymore???

You think you find the love of your life, and he leaves you for a younger, better looking ash tray.

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