Craigslist Missed Connections: Trader Joe's Edition

Woman at Trader Joe’s(Chicago)
Hi, I saw a very beautiful woman shopping at Trader Joe’s on Lincoln Avenue... it was Monday, 4/5, around 7:45-8:00pm
She was wearing pink and had great hair
I was basically done shopping when I noticed her, and even tried to mill around the store and try and hang around to talk to her, but I lost her
If that was you, or if you know her then please show this post to her

Obviously we need to have a chat about setting ourselves up for success, cuz this ain't it. First of all, just leave women alone at the store. No one goes to the grocery store thinking, "I'm obviously looking my best! Hopefully some random dude hits on me!" but clearly we're past that stage.

WHAT IS THAT DESCRIPTION?? "She was wearing pink and had great hair." Awesome. That really narrows it down.

Also what are the odds that even if someone could identitfy And what are the odds that even if someone were able to identify one of their friends from that excessively vague description, they would show her this post? "Hey this random dude who saw you in the store also posted about you on Craigslist. You should go out with him! That sounds like a great idea that would have no potentially awful consequences!"