Craigslist Missed Connections: Target Edition

Late night target run(Chicago)
Looking for the tall, dark and handsome that was in the freezer section, then a few people after me in the check out lane, and possibly walking a block behind me on my way back home.
I was in the grey jacket and jeans with a messy bun.
Posting, just in case....
Because what are the chances, right?

Let this be a lesson to heterosexual men everywhere: the bar is old news. Target is the new place to meet women. But let them come to you. Seriously just being a hot guy in a Target is enough. That's really all we want.

Like this dude might be a legit stalker. Saw her. Maybe chose the same checkout lane on purpose (really adding a double meaning to "check out" am I right???), then maybe followed her home??? And she's still here for it.

Then again, maybe she's just terrible at picking up on red flags...

But really! Target! Try it!