The Hair Club For Men 6.8.21 - Def Leppard - Rocket

Def Leppard's Hysteria landed into our ears in 1987 and has been torching them ever since! Start to finish this record just rocks and yesterday Rocket made another appearance on The Hair Club For Men.

You know I am always asking for new members to join The Hair Club For Men, the exclusive club open to all that want to keep 80s hair bands alive! Hit me with your request on the phone 844 955 9550 or at

Side note, you may have heard Vince Neil and his touring band (not MC) played a show last week and his voice was shot. He tried to sing but ended up walking off the stage after apologizing to the fans. Phil Collen from Def Leppard made the comment that Vince has one year to get in shape, get his voice strong and be ready to rock on The Stadium Tour.