Angi Taylor Show Recap with Jay the Gay - 1-12-2021

This is just a small taste of the show overall, the bits and bobs that I found interesting, funny, insightful and relevant. To hear everything that happened, check out the podcast of today's show. However, if you're looking for a quick read along with random self inserts and my personal thoughts, you've come to the right place.

Call in Points:

(This is the broadstroke canvas on which I base my call, obviously these notes are going to be longer and more detailed.)

"Hello, is there anybody out there?" was the kind of sentiment that was felt this morning when Angi made a grand mistake. You see, since the whole purpose of this show is to drag and destroy any man that has ever existed (that's my take away at least,) it would only make sense that the show start serving food. Since Garrett's is closed this early, the next best option was for Angi to make some popcorn for the rest of the roadies to enjoy. Unfortunately, she is clearly not acclimated to the new studio's kitchen yet and while microwaving 140,000 bags of it, she accidentally left the microwave on near the mics. This kicked off a good 45 minutes of the station being present but not clear. Since she was busy downing brown liquor and pouring the popcorn into Rock 95.5 swag bags, she didn't notice until Angry Bob checked in to point it out. He was watchingBlazing Saddlesand kept the show on in the distance to find reasons to be mad and happened to catch the messed up transmitter. Luckily, things were fixed when someone alerted Angi to what she had done and we were treated to a little bit of law breaking to kick off the show. So, Angi was on her way to work, driving and obviously as she tends to flow through life. She hit a stop sign that is before the United Center and though she normally tends to blow through them, today was a bit different. In a moment of typical Angi Taylor morning, she kind of blacked out at the stop sign and thought it was a red light. While she sat there pondering her existence and doing street math waiting for it to change, people drove around her (and probably pelted her car with like slushies and F bombs.) Normally, she's all about breaking the rules and breezing past everything because it's early and no one is usually around. Though her neighborhood is densely populated, no one in their right mind is outat 4 the dead of winter. Abe saw her point and agreed completely, revealing how he goes through all the red lights and stop signs. He's a rebel and let's face it, he's a busy man that has things to do and places to be. It was at this moment that he came to the realization that all lights should just be treated as yellow before5 A.M.Sure, this wouldn't make sense on the weekends when you get people out partying and being a bit more awful in the middle of the night but still. Angi had a better idea, it should be flashing red until 5 or 6 because honestly, there's no real need for a red light that early (because the only people up are the creatures of the night and us.) Honestly, they both don't mind stopping for a second but Abe will still just go because he doesn't care. That said, Abe made a point of going out of his ways to thank all the police officers (because he wants to keep them from pulling him over.) See, all of this is being done for the police, Abe wants to get right into the studio and he wants to produce the show just for them.

Right, so nothing has been going on as of late because we are trapped in this never ending pandemic. In the quest for something to do as Angi has watched everything that streaming has to offer and Abe is tired of watching the same Stamos videos over and over, they started to talk about Instagram. Now, I know what you're thinking and you don't want to jump on any influencer type of crap but here at the show, we want to promote cool and interesting things. So if you're reading this and you know a cool Instagram, Twitter, Youtube or app that these two should be on, feel free to let us know. That said, Abe's pick for must follow is @salt_hank. This dude is all about doing cooking videos and they are incredible. I mean, there should be no shock that Abe has picked an Instagram with videos of food but we totally get it. Another that should be followed (but not followed or done in any sense) is @detroit_d.u.s.t. This is all about tactics and ways to survive out in the crazy urban wild but please note that doing any of this stuff will (see definitely) get you killed. From food to death, that really speaks volume about what Abe is offering up to all of us. As for Angi, she has suggested following @chicago_history which posts tons of old school Chicago stuff. Now this is cool and interesting content that I could imagine all of us would totally love. I mean, at least she offered something wholesome because you know, most of the stuff she follows involves #EggplantFriday, thirst trapping and celebrities she wants to sleep with (also, probably Jack Daniels.) With their personal picks put out into the ether, we turned to the phones to hear what others had to add. Laura has two that she can't get enough of. The first is one that Angi, Abe and I all actually follow on Instagram as is @secret_buttholes. This is basically a submission site for people to send in things that look like buttholes, simple yet effective. The second is @drpimplepopper and when you're done throwing up at the thought, don't bother looking it up. Abe was disgusted and wanted to throw up and Angi went further to say she won't even watch medical shows because they make her sick. Another choice (and food related thing) that Abe suggested was Sam the Cooking Guy on Youtube. Also on Youtube and suggested by Abe, Marty Music, who will teach you how to play songs on guitar. Just think, if you watch enough of his channel, you could become the next Shawn Mendes. Roadie Chris also offered up another Instagram that was not up Angi and Abe's alley, @natureismetal. This is super raw and just horrible nature stuff, not videos of animals set to metal music. They took one look and were not fans, which is something I could have said the moment it was described what the page was about. Obviously, I know ideas of what they would like so I'm offering up two to cap this off. @markie_devo is a New York dude who showcases upcoming snacks and fast food while also reviewing them, it's pretty great. As for my second, @juliancookies, who is a guy with a mustache who lip syncs movie and TV show scenes in full costume and he's hilarious. Oh, I probably should add that if you don't, you should get on The Angi Taylor Facebook group for tons of content that you can only get there.

Other Stuff from Today's Show:

On a show where we play nothing but rock, love rock, talk about rock and sometimes sound like we're smoking rocks. For that reason, it would make sense to have a ton of rock t-shirts in the Angi and Abe collective closet (I'll lump in phone screener Erica as well because we have an idea for a rock off each morning between her and Angi but that's for later.) That said, Angi is wearing a Prince album cover shirt this morning and it's apparently based all around her franken tits. In fact, according to Abe most Prince shirts are based to look like they are groping boobs which if that's the case, makes Prince even cooler than he was ten seconds ago. Yesterday though is what caused all of this to become a topic in the first place. She rolled into the studio wearing an AC/DC Black Ice Tour 2011 t-shirt yesterday and even though it was bought at Urban Outfitters, she might have gotten away with faking it if it wasn't for one small fact. The tour itself actually ended in 2009 and so her shirt is a clear knock off to those who know the history of AC/DC tours. With this in mind and since she was outed for her knock off, Angi wanted to know if there was anything fake that the roadies own. Also in the category of owning is not just in your possession but you actually own it and don't care that it's fake. For Abe, he's not a follower of traditional branding so it doesn't matter to him if something is fake or not. He doesn't care that the Louis Vuitton purse that he got his girlfriend is actually Luis Vitton or those Jordan's he bought Angi for Christmas are Jjordans. The thing is, the whole purpose of branding is to impress other people who love branding and so it's a vicious cycle of wasting money to look cool to other people who waste money. Angi has a keen eye for certain things (like don't goof about that purse Jay the Straight bought her being a knock off Gucci) and when it comes to sneakers, she can sniff out the fakes. That guy in the building wearing knock off Yeezy's, she knows and she judges you. Then there's the friend's who order red bottom Louis Vuitton's off like Instagram and end up getting shoes with a red sticker on them that look like they're made of plastic. You know who else loves fakes, apparently Bon Jovi as he has fake teeth that look like oversized Chicklets according to Angi. Moving away from shading celebrities, Angi went to the roadies like Kent who has a Porsche clothes but drives a Kia Sorento. Mark has fake Oakley's because sunglasses are easy to lose and who wants to pay hundreds of dollars for something you can easily misplace. Since it didn't come up anywhere in the conversation, I called in to discuss Angi's fake tits that she only lost fairly recently. They were absolutely incredible and I was lucky enough to be the last person to motorboat them before she had them removed for good.

Finally, it's the best time of year once again. No, not winter or January, as both are complete trash and I would hibernate through them if possible. I'm talking about Girl Scout cookie season but before we got to that, there needed to be shade thrown at the Boy Scouts. Angi & Abe both agreed that they are weird and anything past Cub Scouts is plain strange. After discussing being in Scouts for a time, Abe went on to name all the branches of them (and I still attest to the fact that he got to close with a scout leader and that's why he's who he is today.) Even though they spent a few moments ragging on the Scouts, it turns out that Angi's daughter was once in Girl Scouts. Even better, Angi was actually a den mother and she played one hell of a role. For example, since she is allergic to everything, she spent the entire duration of camping trips hiding in the cabin while the girls were chased by bears outside. Not wanting to miss out on the experience, she had her daughter fetch her some smores and a bottle of wine, while she sat in the den room crying. Anyway, back to the topic on hand, it's cookie season and we all love some Girl Scout cookies. Abe's favorite are the Tagalongs, which he couldn't come up with the name of, mind you. Angi loves herself some Samoas, which I think was a hint for the kind that I should be ordering and sending to her whenever I drive her crazy. Anyway, the Girl Scouts have finally moved into the 21st Century and you can order cookies online finally as well as through DoorDash. Speaking of selling her cookies, Mother of the Year Taylor actually tried once to be the best cookie seller ever. Her idea was pretty genius, she was going to wear a girl scouts outfit and sell them in the lobby of the radio station. However, because we can't have nice things, the other mothers complained to the Girl Scouts and said she would have an unfair advantage if she did that due to her reach (and lovely cans.) Sadly, she was ruled against which is just ridiculous because she just wanted her daughter to win and these mothers would have done the same if given the chance. That said, this whole thing was about innovation and she was considering other things that weren't delivered before that should be now. Abe had some suggestions. His first was a bit niche but he wants the Chicago Music Exchange or Guitar Center to be on demand to deliver strings. Scratch that, a better idea is someone to come to your house to cook food. Not a chef that you can already get, one that is on demand. They can either cook what you have already or in Angi's case, since her house is just filled with liquor, they will pick up the food and then cook it for you. So, coming soon, look out for Chef 2 You. This Abe Kanan business venture will surely take off and has been added to his pages long list of business ideas that I have sitting in my apartment.

Request Wars 2.0:

Champion: Abe (Streak: 4)

Angi's (repping Stevie Nicks) Song Choice: "Go Your Own Way"

Abe's (repping Julia) Song Choice: "Stellar"


Abe is beyond furious this morning and feels the integrity of Request Wars has been compromised. To celebrate being the first female to headline Bonnaroo, Angi picked Stevie Nicks as her player. She said that her list of players is dry as well so she had an excuse on top of that. After some back and forth, Abe said he doesn't care about Fleetwood Mac and Angi threatened to have him thrown out of the studio. I mean,Rumoursis incredible though so I have to side with her on this one.

Winner: Angi

10 O'ClockToast:

Erica. She's answering your calls and she needs a new handle. After some brainstorming (and complaining from me,) we have one. Look out for Pantericarocks on all the socials.

Show Quotes and Tidbits:

"If you're dumb enough to listen to Kim Kardashian for money tips, you deserve to lose money." - Abe

"I hate when awesome people become jobbers." - Abe

"Is there any reason to go to Detroit?" - Abe

PSAbe: Hey Bears, don't make another bad decision, we can't handle another one.

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