Angi Taylor Show Recap with Jay the Gay - 11-15-2021

This is a small taste of the show overall, the bits and bobs that I found interesting and funny, insightful and relevant. To hear everything that happened, check out the podcast version of the show. If you want a quick read along with random self inserts and my personal thoughts, you've come to the right place.

Call in Point:

(This is the broadstroke canvas on which I base my call, obviously these notes are going to be longer and more detailed.)

So, as we continue the long march that is unpacking Angi's childhood messiness (and ignoring Abe's clearly repressed trauma,) we turned another corner today in discovering why Angi is the amazing woman she is today. What, you expected me to make a joke of this, no way, I love this woman. Anyway, the youth discussion today had to do with parents being strict and the things you weren't allowed to do. For example, Angi is a proper parent who didn't allow her daughter to watch traumatic horror at 7 but her daughter's friends' parents, they did not care. They allowed her to watchThe ExorcistandFaces of Deathwhile serving her foie gras and totally alcoholic Shirley Temples (again, assumption about certain aspects here but I just assumed like mother like daughter.) Like for Angi, she grew up with Kelly (every Kelly I've ever known was a cheerleader or a flake,) and her single dad allowed them to stay at the house all the time. However, she was 14 when he offered her "Pink Tit's" which is a vodka lemonade. Abe immediately assumed that she was sexually assaulted in her one complimentary drink shenanigans but it was nothing like that. It was more that Kelly's dad was a partier (see drunk) and he was just cool, not creepy. Over in the Kanan world, it was oft mentioned friend Danny Gaga who had what Abe didn't, which was an illegal cable box. All the PPV's that you could fill up on with none of the drunken hitting on by a dad! Right, going to the phones, Angi first spoke to Terri who felt like she was reliving her childhood with the topic. Alcoholism and fun was not her missing childhood treat but instead, she was not allowed to wear makeup or dangly earrings. Now at 12-13, this is what all the girls would want so she found the work around. She would go by her friend across the street, the mom didn't care about them wearing makeup or dangly earrings and on top of that, belly shirts. They would get dolled up and sneak out the back door to go hang out with the boys. Angi's parents wouldn't let her wear makeup either so she would sneak makeup on and then go to the billiard hall. What went down there with all the guys there is stories for another unpacking day. Abe attempted to make Angi jealous by explaining that he was allowed to wear makeup as well. Since we're dogpiling on Angi, I should add that Jay the Straight, Abe and myself never had a curfew. Roadie Ben would always have a bunch of girls down in the basement. All the sex you can have was being tossed around as it was the bang house after all. The assumption here was that the parents knew but just didn't care. George was also a cool guy who had no curfew, girls in the house, parties and PPV's. There was so much jealousy radiating from this topic, Angi hated all the kids who had the cool house with their fancy pools. She couldn't have sleepovers because her step dad was always drunk. Abe would have sleepovers with all the boys and they would watchDr. Gigglesand circle jerks. Ah childhood, what a messy fun time I would not want to relive.

All the Rest:

Another weekend has come and gone and let me say, this frigid tundra weather is really helping sell that a holiday is coming soon. With that in mind, that means that weekends are in wind down mode for now until things start going nuts next weekend with the Thanksgiving insanity and all the mess that will follow until New Years. This past weekend was a perfect example of it because Angi and Abe both did "things" but nothing that could be considered exerting or overly exciting. Starting with Angi's weekend, she went to the Peanut Tillman gala on Friday night. Though it was a good time, she spent most of it sitting at her table. When Abe pressed her for names of celebrities that were in attendance, aside from Tillman and show staple Jerry Azumah, there apparently weren't any. There were people who were supposed to show that went MIA and so Angi really didn't know anyone else. There was, as discussed during the Tillman interview, a live auction but Angi did not go for anything in it. There was a trip that she was interested in but the bidding got too rich for her blood. Also, the auction itself was exhausting, all that fast talking and pointing at people. I'm sure she just enjoyed her cocktails and the conversation. She did end up buying some earrings and other random things off tables so the night wasn't a complete bust. After that though, Angi went into hibernation mode for the rest of the weekend (smart girl.) The weather was too gross to consider doing anything so she sat on the couch, drank brown liquor and vegged out. In fact, Angi even had a short day yesterday as she was in bed by 7 P.M. last night to make sure she was bright and ready for the show this morning. Honestly, old me would look at her as "God, this boring bitch" but old me these days gets it and loves the ideas she was showcasing. As for Abe, he apparently had a great weekend. Starting with the Best Bet of the Week, where he is now 7 and 3, he reveled in shutting up all the haters. Honestly, after the trainwreck that was last season, I'm quite impressed by how well he's doing. I would never tell him that and I know he doesn't read these notes so I can safely bury that here. Also on his weekend agenda was watching the AEW Full Gear PPV and a trip to the restaurant. This was your Larry Davidesque moment from Abe where he went into the restaurant and things just devolved from there. First, he was given a booth in the back. Then they told him to order with his phone off the menu on the table. He was astounded at the lack of waiters/waitresses. If he wanted to order his food like this, he could just pick it up and bring it home. Plus he could eat shirtless there and watchCurb Your Enthusiasm(which he missed) or the Best Bet of the Week game (which he watched.) All this just caused him to just leave straight away without ordering because, well he was annoyed. I'm assuming he got food but I do know he was up until midnight last night so all and all, good weekend for both of them it seems.

Speaking of winter, cold, hibernation and all the things that entail that horribleness, it also means that winter coats are coming out of being hidden in the closet/attic/storage. This was especially relevant for our sweet Angi who had to shuffle past all the discarded liquor bottles to find two winter coats to wear this weekend. The first coat came out on Friday night for the gala and if you're wondering why we're discussing coats, hold on to your snowsuit. Stuffed in the pocket was $10 which she had forgotten about being stashed away in there. As for the second coat, that came out this morning because as I said, Angi didn't leave the house the rest of the weekend. In today's secretly stuffed pocket prize, Angi ended up finding a Mardi Gras Mustard Sauce in the pocket. All this spins into a whole point about that meme that was circulating showcasing it being 2021 and people finding masks in their pockets. Jokes on the meme maker because masks are still around and aren't going anywhere anytime soon it seems. Funny enough, in this morning's pocket as well, Angi also discovered a mask in a separate pocket from the mustard sauce. Now, this inspired Angi for a dual concept topic idea asking both what others have found in their winter coats if they started digging them out as well as wondering if people have a secret stash and what is stuffed in there. While questioning Abe, he started on track explaining about finding hidden money and then of course, this went off the rails because of course it did. Abe described how he once found a $20 bill but it wasn't in his coat but his wallet. Crazy how one finds money in their wallet of all places, how absolutely nuts is that fam! Abe is like a squirrel when it comes to money, he just likes to hide it in his wallet and other places. Angi, much like myself, was confused as to how one goes and hides money in their wallet? Much like the stupid squirel, Abe forgets the money is there and suddenly, boom free lunch money. There could have been more room for roadies but Abe took us on a "trip." Roadie Shane called in to discuss how he recently found $27 in a coat pocket. Angi saw this as akin to winning the lotto. Abe then began to question things about drugs, assuming that Shane was some kind of expert (mind you, after giving no indication of the such.) Among Abe's questions for sweet Shane: "Do drugs expire? Does cocaine expire? Does weed expire?" Obviously, we got no proper answer to this because you know, the stupidity of it all (plus Google exists.) Angi explained that she wouldn't know either because during her party days, cocaine and 8-balls never stood around idle for too long. Shane was pretty much on board as well because if he found weed, he would have smoked it.

Finally, now that we've talked about drugs, it seems only natural to lead into sex. The thing is, comfort and discussion about sexual kinks if finally becoming a bit more mainstream. I know, I know, we here in the US are repressed as hell so fun is not allowed but pulling away from holding back on your vocalizing your kink is finally starting to happen. There are things though that even when announced and embraced, people still don't seem to understand or get. So, it's Monday morning, let's get a little dirty and explore those kinks, shall we? Nurses as a sex symbol. A woman who is a nurse stated that she's wearing scrubs all day and she's just sweaty and gross. The context here though is probably not real nurses but those ones from back in the day with their tits all pushed up and out and those small little skirts. Abe explained that men are idiots and will find anything hot basically. Added examples to this were women doing mechanical things, like being covered in oil and they're still yummy. On that note, they could work at Taco Bell and the guy would find it hot that they smell like burritos. Right then, onto the next misunderstood kink. Sex in a public bathroom. Angi felt this was disgusting while Abe, while against it because he's vanilla, questioned what bathroom it would be. We got to a split here for once with a complete table turn. Even if Brad Pitt offered to take Angi for a bathroom romp, she is just not into the idea. He should remember (at least according to him,) she's all for sex behind dumpsters. As for Abe, he said if Dua Lipa was going to take him into a BP bathroom, he'd be down to bang. Throw in an orgy with Trish Stratus, Lita, The Bella Twins, and others and then he's more than willing for gross toilet sex. In consideration, Angi changed her tune and said she would bang the Bellas in the bathroom. Before going back to the list, Abe stepped in to mention that he doesn't understand cuckolding. Getting back on track after the cocaine fun, he explained that you need therapy if you enjoy it. Angi countered by explaining that after a 20 or 30 year relationship, people sometimes want something new. Angi wouldn't mind if Jay the Straight was working his magic stick in the corner while she got it on with Michael B. Jordan. Abe was not convinced and was firm in his belief that banging should be done between the couple and roping in a third party is "no fun allowed!" (It was nice to see we're back on track after all his talk of cocaine.) Of course, we weren't done yet (to the shock of no one,) as Abe talked about cuckolding dudes having small junk that doesn't work. Angi tried to explain watching would be like watching porn and then we veered off into stepbrother and stepmom porn. Yeah, this whole thing was a perfect Monday morning topic treat. Other things on the list were foot fetish which Angi won't judge (but Abe sure will.) Cuckolding is on the list but we spent a good portion on Abe dumping all over that and lastly, sex while driving is on there as well.

Request Wars 2.0:

Champion: Angi (Streak: 3)

Angi's (repping Jason) Song Choice: "The Anthem"

Abe's (repping Randy) Song Choice: "Drown"


Well, this one seems pretty cut and dry as the downfall for Angi. After all, Randy saw Pumpkins 17 times and Angi refuses to pick which she likes better between them and Good Charlotte. However, Angi said this should be based around the songs and not the players. IMO, both songs kinda suck but Pumpkins edges it for me slightly.

Winner: Angi

10 o'Clock Toast:

Dunkin and Lurie. They've partnered with Lurie Children's Hospital to donate $1 for coffee bought today. This is a great thing and we appreciate them doing it.

Show Quotes and Tidbits:

"That's a great question, does cocaine expire?" - Abe

Best Bet of the Week (Week 10 Results): Abe Wins!

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