On this day... April 8th.

On this day… April 8th. 

1962 - American guitarist, singer and songwriter Izzy Stradlin, from Guns N' Roses is born. He turns 59 today. 

1974 - Hammerin' Hank Aaron hits 715th HR, off of L.A. Dodger Al Downing, breaking Babe Ruth's record in Atlanta

1994 - Electrician Gary Smith who was working at Kurt Cobain's house in Seattle discovered Cobain's body lying on the floor in the greenhouse. Local radio station KXRX broke the news at 9.40am that the Nirvana singer and guitarist was dead. A shotgun was found next to Cobain's body. A suicide note was found that said, 'I haven't felt the excitement of listening to as well as creating music, along with really writing . . . for too many years now'. A high concentration of heroin and traces of Valium were also found in Cobain's body.

Florida Man Twin (Google “Florida Man” + your birthday). “Drunk, shirtless Florida man arrested after shoveling spaghetti in his mouth at Olive Garden.” 

2016 - Abe went to the White Sox game and it was snowing. 

2019 - Angi was at a charity event and witnessed a guy pay huge money for this Cheech and Chong plaque