Angi Taylor Show Recap with Jay the Gay - 4-8-2021

This is a small taste of the show overall, the bits and bobs that I found interesting and funny, insightful and relevant. To hear everything that happened, check out the podcast version of the show. If you want a quick read along with random self inserts and my personal thoughts, you've come to the right place.

Call in Point:

(This is the broadstroke canvas on which I base my call, obviously these notes are going to be longer and more detailed.)

Want to feel old, outside of the fact that you are indeed probably old? Angi had a question this morning that was bound to trigger some of us because again, we're old. She wanted to know, what is something you used to do as a teen that a teenager today would not understand (and probably look at you like you're some kind of idiot.) There are a ton of examples here to choose from and I intend to tackle all of them. For example, remember taping songs off the radio. This was a particular favorite of Angi's and she also loved when the DJ's talked over or during the songs because it helped her learn to practice her voice for her eventual career in the radio (after she got out of drug muling and whoring, obviously.) Spending 15 minutes twisting the phone cord. Cleaning the ball on your mouse. Landlines in general honestly. Calling someone at their house and having their parents pick up to see if they are there and alternately, going over and having to knock on the door. Getting booted off the internet because you're on dial up and someone picked up the phone (#triggered.) People listening in on your calls on the second landline in the house (#evenmoretriggered.) Turning the channel to channel 3 or 4 so you could play a video game. Having to get up to change the channel on the TV. Abe remembers when you had to have to scour the city to actually find a CD (remember those kids, probably not) of a band. Like you would need to take buses and trains just to go to a record store (a what?) to find these hard to get CD's and videos. Then you would find them and you couldn't afford them and your brother Sam wouldn't borrow you the money and there went you getting that Danzig video. Wait, what just happened, my soul let my body there for a second. Another point, having to call movie theaters for the show times. Hell, having to call 411 for information, which was something Abe had to do a ton when he first got started out in radio. He was known for his prank calls so he was always seeking out numbers and information. Another from the Abe vault, waiting in line for concert tickets (so many wasted Saturday mornings) and also seeing an artist/band at a record store (I still have my autographed copy of Stabbing Westward's Darkest Days CD.) Turning to the roadies, a few had stuff to add to this bloated list. Dave said using the Yellow pages and rewinding cassette tapes with a pencil. Head Roadie Sandy contributed burning CD's, which led Angi and Abe to recall the heyday of Napster and spending forever on it downloading songs. Abe, of course, was downloading Jesse and the Rippers and the NWO theme song off it because sus. Chris said watching porn on a blurred out channel (who didn't when we were kids/teens.) Another Chris added in calling home collect, then using that 4 second window to leave a message so they don't have to pay for the $9 call. Tony from Facebook offered the same point about collect calls as well. As for my thoughts on this. First thing, taxis, not Uber or Lyft but taxis that were sometimes impossible to get depending where you were. Also, AOL Instant Messenger, where I first catfished Manti Te'o.

All the Rest:

Angi had a secondary question this morning that needed to be explored (and also exposed how much of a ying/yang this show is.) The question was simple enough, what's something that you can not believe you're not dead from doing (we're exploring like real stupid stuff we did with this one.) This was spawned by Angi's girlfriend who allowed her Uber driver to use her bathroom! Molly girl, you in danger and you a dummy, what were you thinking. In fact, the woman's husband is even furious with her, with good reason imo. This is where Abe returned to his idea of the camping bucket in the yard because let's face it, strangers are always attempting to use the bathroom. This led to Abe discussing his bad boy streak as a kid, that's right, he was out of control once. You know what he did, he used to drink out of hoses all the time. Yeah, a hose, where water comes from or as he put it, "I would drink out of any hose." He would drink from a hose that once had a fertilizer gun attached to it, the hose that had bugs in it, you name it. On the other hand, Angi was absolutely out of control. When she was six years old, she would go sell things door to door by herself. She used to go play chicken on train tracks with friends. She put countless amounts of drugs, questionable things and men inside of her party. She would take random drugs with even knowing what was in them and once was even slipped the date rape drug. Angi lived a hard ridden life that was absolutely ridiculous and Abe, well he drank out of a bunch of hoses. There was also that one time that he was riding his stolen red bike and he ended up ass over feet because of shoddy breaks. That broken arm, that's the one thing that probably should have killed him it seems. Turning to the roadies, Steve took shrooms and he had to take his car into the mechanic where he had no idea what was occurring. I don't even understand how this had anything to do with almost dying but he called in so. Roadie Mike though, he had a story. He had been racing motocross and had these bolts set into his bike so his girlfriend could ride with him. The problem was he didn't take them off and he went over the bike and those bolts drove into his helmet. Though the damage was minimal, he did end up with a concussion that he walked off. May I add one final time that Abe drank from a hose....

So, a radio guy posted up a story where he probably thought he would end up looking cool and a good guy. I think we all know where this mess is going. So this dude made an order on Instacart because he didn't feel like going to the store (makes sense.) However, it turns on that this radio guy didn't completely make up his mind and so he tried to adjust his order. The shopper that Instacart gave him wrote back saying "stop adding $hi..., I'm not your slave." This was followed by "ask before you start adding more stuff and up my tip." This continued on for some time and so the radio guy decided to post it up on social media and as most internet trolls do, they turned on the Instacart guy and doxxed him because of course they did. It probably didn't help that the radio guy left the info of the Instacart driver exposed when he was going on his little tangent. That said, the Instacart guy revealed the radio guys real name and his home address. Enraged, this loser now plans on "owning Instacart at the end of the day." I mean, the rule here is if you post someone's info, expect yours to be posted as well honestly. Abe summed it up perfectly, calling this loser a bitch. Angi said he's a total Karen and they are both correct in pointing this out. Let's get to the real meat here, don't post anything you stupid morons.

The 8:30 Call Out turned into The 8:30 Dong Out and it got ridiculous. Frankie called in to yell at all men about peeing on the floor and Angi had a question for him. It was about urinals and staring, the thing you're not supposed to do but Angi assumed dudes do. So she asked Frankie, who said he did all the time, disgusting Abe (sure Abe.) This led into this ridiculous story about a child molestor who was lusting after Abe's friend Mark when they were kids (because of course.) Abe was on the we don't look train and rode it hard as hell. Angi explained that at the gym, she's always looking at T&A. That's different, Abe added but Angi was not going to be deterred. She wondered what Abe would do if Stone Cold came in, would he look? No but he would want a picture afterward with him. Abe told a story of how he once stalked Leo DiCaprio and took a video of him after he left the bathroom (sure Abe.) Abe was adamant about not looking at dongs but Angi was not letting it go. Abe went back to give her the gym as a point but this was not what she wanted, she wanted the bathroom and that was it. Abe never did end up breaking but we did finally get to the point where Angi decided that if she had a do over, she should have been a sports reporter. Someone should probably tell her though that reporters don't spend their time interviewing players in the bathroom....

Request Wars:

Current Champion: Joe

Challenger Song Choice: "Fight Fire with Fire"

Champion Song Choice: "Ladies & Gentlemen"

Observation: Joe has a lot to say it seems and Keith is so hopped up on hospital drugs that he can't stop swearing. This is the perfect excuse to use the app because that was a train wreck.

Winner: Joe

The 8:30 Call Out:

Abe called out a coffee shop because they only wanted to make 2 items and faked like they were out on everything else.

Angi called out the engineers and they fixed the AC to kept Angi from sweating like a her in church.

Melanie called out the people who parked around her building and had their music cranked at 3 A.M.

Frankie called out men in general, don't dribble on the floor.

10 o' Clock Toast:

Amadeo. Poor kid has cancer but he is a fighter. Play a game or hop on your bike for him today.

Show Quotes and Tidbits:

Quote: "Any time someone could rape you, I notice they do." - Abe

Quote: "Look at me, I'm clean as a cucumber." - Abe

Quote: "Were you (a listener) the renegade that Abe was, drinking from random peoples hoses." - Angi

Quote: "You (Angi) shouldn't care if Head Roadie Erin got a piano dropped on her." - Abe

Quote: "I know you (Angi) have this fantasy where we (all men) look at dongs all day." - Abe

Quote: I wanna know what conversations you're in where it leads to what size junk other dudes have." Angi