Chicago Woman Asks For Lifetime Supply Of Bacon, Gets A Surprise

Sizzling Bacon in the frying pan

Photo: Getty Images

A Chicago woman recently made a joke on social media that lead her to "many, many packs" of her favorite turkey bacon, according to ABC 7 Chicago.

Brittany Applegate can not get enough of turkey bacon, specifically from the brand "Applegate." The Chicago woman, who coincidentally shares the same name as the company, made a post on her Instagram saying that they must be family, and therefore she could receive a lifetime supply of their turkey bacon. Just moments later, the company messaged her back and promised a special delivery.

A couple days later, Applegate received a huge box of her favorite turkey bacon from the company. "For their community or social media manager to engage with me in such a fun way, and also to close the loop on the customer experience by asking for my address and really sending me many, many packs of turkey bacon, I thought it was amazing!" she said (via ABC 7 Chicago).

It's unclear exactly how many packages Applegate received, but according to Applegate (via ABC 7 Chicago), she has already cracked open her first pack of turkey bacon. She also said she is glad her social media post resulted in some good eating.

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