Watch Mets' Jonathan Villar Smash Reds Fan's Cell Phone With Home Run

Photo: Getty Images North America

New York Mets infielder Jonathan Villar's second-inning home run in Cincinnati put his team on the score board and did some damage to a Reds fan's cell phone.

Facing off against Cincinnati's Jeff Hoffman, Villar turned on a 94 mph fastball in the second inning of Wednesday afternoon's game at the Great American Ballpark, sending it just over the wall in right-center field.

The ball sailed towards a fan sitting in the front row who reached out to try and catch it. Unfortunately, the man's phone was still in his hand at the time, and exit velocity is no joke.

The Reds broadcast network caught the awkward incident on camera, including the reaction of the fan (and his section) to the damage.

When umpires went to review the dinger (possibly to check for fan interference), Mets announcer Ron Darling quipped that "the guy who lost the phone needs [the footage] when he goes to the Verizon store as proof that his phone was hit by a home run."

Hopefully he bought the insurance.

Check out the video below.

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