Black Crowes' Robinson Brothers Are 'Stronger Today' With Feud Behind Them

The Black Crowes Kick Off The "Shake Your Money Maker" Tour To A Sold Out Crowd At The Ascend Amphitheater In Nashville

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Black Crowes co-founders Chris and Rich Robinson agree that they're in a much better place now, at the start of their Shake Your Money Maker 30th anniversary reunion tour, than they would have been had they not broken up the band in the middle of last decade.

The brothers tell Ultimate Classic Rock in a new interview that the time apart gave them space to grow and, eventually, to appreciate how special their bond is.

When they began talking again in 2019, they were able to work out some of their longstanding issues, apologize and get reacquainted.

"It’s really natural," Rich said of the revamped band's first rehearsals. "It’s just us getting in a room and having fun playing. No one’s really been out playing with each other for 18 months. So to get in a room and play with everyone has been pretty amazing. And everyone has this extra enthusiasm that it’s finally here. It’s like a mountain that we had to climb, and now we’re ready to go."

While Chris expressed a hesitancy to commit to an indefinite reunion, he says being in The Black Crowes again feels better all the time.

"We had a lot to learn on our own," Chris said of the hiatus. "We had a lot of experiences together. A lot of great things and some negative things. We had to go out on our own. It was a learning curve for both of us, a real soulful experience. And again, I can’t speak for Rich — it sounds like I am right now, but I can’t. I think that people — well, I’ll tell you this, it would have been a big f---ing waste of a decade apart if we couldn’t come back and be even stronger today."

The reunion tour kicked off Tuesday night (July 20) in Nashville.

Go here for tickets and more information.

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