Angi Taylor Show Recap with Jay the Gay - 7-21-2021

This is a small taste of the show overall, the bits and bobs that I found interesting and funny, insightful and relevant. To hear everything that happened, check out the podcast version of the show. If you want a quick read along with random self inserts and my personal thoughts, you've come to the right place.

Call in Point:

(This is the broadstroke canvas on which I base my call, obviously these notes are going to be longer and more detailed.)

Another day, another problem in Angi's life that may or may not lead to her death. So as we hear almost every day on this show, Angi has some kind of issue occurring. A small precursor before we start digging into the meat of this topic, Angi is currently in a little renovation phase. She has painters over and so most of the stuff in the house is either moved around and or covered up (outside of her resting couch and the wine bottles obviously.) The trouble aspect of this story comes from an electric keyboard that her daughter owns, which is part of the covered up items. Sitting on the couch last night (not drunk, not on LSD and not high,) Angi heard this keyboard being played. Not a symphony or anything, just random keys being stroked a few times. She immediately assumed it was suffering show husband Jay the Straight messing with her. However, he was nowhere to be found, his own person being out in the garage at the time. Getting up and away from quality time with Discovery+, Angi went to the keyboard to unveil a shocking truth. It's an electric keyboard btw, a fact I probably should have added prior. Anyway, the keyboard was not plugged in and it was also not turned on. Angi freaked out and ran back to the couch, assuming that ignoring it would solve the issue. However, about 5 minutes later, the keyboard started playing on its own yet again. Now on high alert, Angi told Jay the Straight that there's clearly a ghost in the house. Abe, being the voice of reason usually, doesn't believe that anything happened. Instead, he assumes she was asleep or something and woke from a crazy dream. Angi is a firm believer in ghosts and weirdly enough, while discussing texting on the show during the segment, someone randomly texted her (it was definitely a spooky ghost.) Now, this is a first time incident for her in general, she's a firm believer but she's never seen one or had stuff like this occur. Before you question things, Angi did go over and tap on the keys as well, which emitted no sounds. The whole thing basically lasted roughly ten seconds between both incidents. It was super bizarre and super random and after Jay the Straight had come back into the house, it did not occur again. Abe had a great suggestion for Angi, she should move. It kind of makes sense that between this and the house swaying like Angi lives in Florida, she should take his advice for once. There was a little off track here as things started to round into talking about the movieGhostand then theChappelle Showskit of it. Once back on the rails, Angi took to the phones to talk to two roadies. Mike discussed how his friend in high school had one that would screw around with the radio and TV. You had to tell this girl ghost to stop and change things back. Further pushing the creep factor though was she could sometimes be seen at the foot of the bed. Then there was Emery, whose baby would sit up, stare at nothing in the dark and she once found something akin to claw marks on the wall. As for me, I have a ton of random incidents but the weirdest involved seeing a shadow in my bathroom when the house was empty and one night when someone opened my living room door in the middle of the night (it wasn't a break in.) Combine that with a random hand print once found on my brother's bed and things tend to get spooky at my place. Back to Angi for half a second, if you are haunting her, can you be a hot ghost like Brad Pitt? Also, could you want to bang her as well?

All the Rest:

Angi was curious this morning and decided to discuss flops (my current favorite thing to call people.) For the record, the discussion was actually onFlip or Flop, the home renovation show on HGTV that stars two formerly married idiots who are still working together. Anyway, annoying ex husband Tarek had an absolute meltdown on set the other day and absolutely let Christina have it. Btw if you have no idea who these two idiots are: 1) what are you watching in your free time? and 2) just skip over all this til I get to discussing Angi in a few sentences. His yelling included him telling her that he essentially created her. He called her a washed up failure (mind you, she had her own spin off show on top of the normal show.) He said that his new girlfriend is younger and hotter and that she was a loser. For the record, both of them are losers. Angi sought to see if anyone listening was currently working with their ex but nothing came of this. Instead, Angi told her story about the time she was working with an ex at the same radio station. He was doing nights and she was doing mornings. She was working an appearance at a gas station and she was forced to call into his show. He got very rude and basically told his listeners to go see her at the gas station because she really "knows how to pump." Instead of getting mad, Angi simply took it in stride, she was smart enough to not indulge his petty drama. The whole situation was awkward, not Tarek and Christina awkward but weird enough. Abe did inquire and as assumed, Angi was the one that dumped him. Btw, if you think you've heard this story before, it has come up on the show before but whatever.

So as most of you know, the station is still fairly new. I say that not in a time frame sense even though it's been under a year but in the essence of things. You have to remember, the show and station both launched smack dab in the middle of the pandemic. There have been a couple of soft new starts as each phase of pandemic rises and falls and new listeners continue to tune in and find the show. This leads into an interesting point and probably a joke. Unless you are a social media maven, you're probably not actively seeking out the looks of your faceless radio hosts. Instead, you indulge but in your mind's eye, you create and paint a picture of what your favorite radio people look like. The joke portion here being that most of these people literally and utterly have a face for radio (I can think of several off the top of my head.) Anyway, this fun point came to a head on social media in our show Facebook group the other day. While at the Sox game, a listener finally laid eyes on Abe. The assumption of what he was going to look like was some kind of white, skinny hillbilly looking dude. The actuality is Abe is a tall, burly, brown skinned drink of burly water ... mmmmm. So this led to a question segment that was marred by technical issues for a moment (the phones are broken again today, what else is new.) Angi wanted to know what the roadies assumed the two of them looked like before they went out of their way to investigate their looks. Angi, for whatever reason, tends to get that she's a blond like 99% of the time. I can understand that because she can be ditsy sometimes but from her voice, I'd never assume that. Roadie Tom backed up the point about the assumption of Abe being a skinny white dude (for some reason, I don't see that in my head when I hear him talk.) Crypto Kevin assumed that Abe looked like the burly guy in Troy (that was as specific as that got so I can't really add in a thought or indulge that further.) When turning to Angi though, he assumed she looked like the rat that was sitting with Jabba the Hutt (the nerve, the audacity, at least he didn't call her Jabba though.) For reference point here, thin and skinny was what he was going for, perhaps grizzled even. I can assure him as she confirmed, she is thick and hot (beautiful is a term I don't feel bad using.) Jack thought that Angi would look like some girl fromNew Adventures of Old Christine. It was one of the two ladies who always gave Julia Louis-Dreyfus crap. It should be noted that they are hot mothers who were also blond and pregnant. Since I've known Abe for 14 years and or I've known of Angi for 13-14 years (we've only gotten close recently,) it's hard for me to say what I originally thought of them but it was none of that mess.

Finally, an interesting topic discussion to cap off today's notes. Have you ever ended up dating someone under weird circumstances? Like they were in a relationship, they were married, they were in a sleeping coma and your kiss woke them up? This point was spawned by Ryan Reynolds who met Blake Lively on the set of his crash and burn movie misstepGreen Lantern. Green Lantern to him is best known as the darkest crease on the anus of the universe (yeah, it's that bad.) The pair dated for a literal week before they decided to move in together. A perfect example would be meeting and dating someone during the pandemic since everything was being done via Zoom for a time. There was also that Italian couple who met each other on their respective balconies during covid and ended up getting married recently. Abe knows people who have had their spouse die and then they've gone and dated/married the brother/sister of their deceased partner (I can attest to this, I have an uncle who had his wife die who attempted to date her sister a few weeks later.) This topic merited some incredible responses btw and I don't feel like my recap will do them just so check the pod. Kathy met her husband at the office she was working at. At the time, he was married ... to the owner of the company. This girl had it all, she was rich, she had the company and she also had supermodel looks. Kathy's husband was unhappy and suffering. He gained a ton of weight catering to his wife and was underperforming at work. Along came Kathy and things started to right themselves. Work started coming along better, he lost weight and that was when the wife took notice. She saw them working together and noticed that their pairing seemed to work really well. From there, the hot ex wife decided to sort of pawn her husband off onto Kathy. She hooked them up, sold them the company and moved on with her life. She ended up remarried, Kathy got her husband and everyone lived happily ever after. Sure, there was some traumatization there but in the news version of this story, everyone ends happy so no complaining. As for roadie Jake, he met his current girlfriend through a mutual friend. They were both in relationships when they met at a bar. They ended up back at said friend's house where they had cocktails and did drugs. Cut to today, they live together, have a 1 year old and plan on getting married. This random occurrence was definitely life changing. I should note that during this Abe made increasingly problematic statements about drugs that I won't indulge because it was ridiculous.

Request Wars:

Current Champion: Brian

Champion Song Choice: "Raining Blood"

Challenger Song Choice: "Living Dead Girl"

Observation: This was fine, not great but not terrible. Basically, okay enough for me to not pass judgement but also not enough to rave here. That said, song choice will easily dictate this imo and I mean come on, "Raining Blood."

Winner: Brian

10 o' Clock Toast:

The Greek Freak. The Bucs haven't had a championship in 50 years and Giannis scored 50 points, crazy coincidence, etc.

Show Quotes and Tidbits:

Quote: "That goes back to my point, single dudes should always have drugs on them." - Abe

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